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Hydrogen Water Sprayer

Hydrogen Water Sprayer

Hydrogen Water Sprayer



Here’s the artifact you’ve been looking for. No more hustling for side effects free beauty products. The Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe hydrates, moisturizes and soothes your skin. Hydrogen molecules seep into your skin to reduce toxic levels and reactive-oxygen species instantly.

Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe contains active Hydrogen ions that act as powerful antioxidants and deeply moisturize your skin. The Hydrogen ions are 10 times more efficient in penetrating your skin’s process. With an anti-inflammatory functionality, you can enjoy the water sprayer to hydrate yourself at unimaginable rates.

Developed on the advanced Japanese SPE Filter technology, the Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe moistens the skin and tightens the pores for an elegant, beautiful you. The spray head of the Hydrogen Water Sprayer is carefully designed to apply a strong force of hydrogen water on a broad surface area of your body for effective use of resources.

Amazing Product Features

  • Advanced Electrolytic Process
  • Large Capacity Container
  • Superior Spray Head
  • Up to 1400 ppb Hydrogen Concentration

Why Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer is the Best?

Our customers are reviewing strong penetrability, compact design and amazing battery longevity among other features of the Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer.

Greater than 1000 ppb Hydrogen concentration in Hydrogen Mist Sprayer is a rare idea. With high concentrations of Hydrogen generated in the Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe, you can be assured about high purity and penetrable molecules of water, easy to absorb mist.

This negative potential molecular water features high solubility and strong penetration, removing skin peroxidation with free radicals. Now, the Hydrovybe Water Mist Sprayer is equipped with a long-lasting electrolysis system that takes minutes to produce 20 times pure and concentrated water.

Additionally, the robust spray head feels machine-driven as its nozzle sprinkles hydrogen water on a large surface area, penetrating through the skin, leaving you to a soothing, minty feel.

The physical parts of the Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Mist sprayer are so closely and neatly packed together, it can go along with you to just anywhere. Compact, instrumental design is a concept to your friends and colleagues.

Freshen up!

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