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Ashtray Air Purifier

Hydrovybe Ashtray Air Purifier

Ashtray Air Purifier



The USB rechargeable Smoke Free Ashtray Air Purifier by Hydrovybe is more than a normal ashtray. It’s a purifier. With an ingenious design, the ashtray air purifier sucks smoke into the ashtray and filters it, thereby reducing second hand smoke inhalation.

With a built-in filter system for developed for long-lasting performance, the Ashtray Air Purifier can be used in your home, office, restaurant and bars, kitchen, and cars or vehicles. A large vortex turbine suction system helps eliminate both cigarette odor and its effect, eventually cleaning the air around you.

The Ashtray Air Purifier by Hydrovybe has an attractive design and is affordable in comparison with the existing products.

Ashtray Air Purifier

  • 【Smokeless Ashtray】Smoke the cigarette smoke so as not to annoy others. We will protect family health. It is a rechargeable air cleaner with a smokeless ashtray. It is a smokeless ashtray that can reduce sidestream smoke and absorb cigarette smoke
  • 【Rechargeable design】 It is a rechargeable ashtray equipped with a battery . It can be used continuously for about 18 hours with full charge. Because it is cordless, it can be used not only in the room but also outdoors wherever there is no power. It is a useful item for not annoying the surrounding people
  • 【Speed ​​Purification & Easy Operation】There are two operation modes of "low speed mode" and "high speed mode", and can be switched by lightly pressing with a finger
  • 【High performance filter】 It can remove 99.97% fine particles up to 0.1 um such as tobacco, smoke and pollen. Because disinfection technology is also built-in, 99% of the bacteria are also cut. Inhale the cigarette smoke and air dust from the top of the ashtray, deodorize firmly with "strong deodorant filter" and discharge clean air from the side
  • 【Sophisticated design】 Beautiful air is born from beautiful tools. Design is simple and fashionable. The main body also has a feeling of cleanliness, it goes well with the room. Also it does not take up space and is very compact


Amazing Product Specifications

  • Speed purification and easy operation
  • High performance filter to wipe out 100% smoke pollutants
  • Sophisticated design with a USB rechargeable unit

Why is Hydrovybe Ashtray Air Purifier the Best?

The Hydrovybe Ashtray Air Purifier is a perfect choice for smokers and non-smokers as well. It comes with a compact design, interactive panel and advanced purification technology.

The diffuser suctions and purifies smoke to leave your environment odorless and pollutants-free. The filter is removable for easy cleaning and to reserve ash from slipping out to the air. It is one of the most elegantly designed, lightweight ashtray air purifiers that is designed with a heavy-duty material that holds cigarettes and cigars conveniently.

Utilizing its multi-layered filters, the Hydrovybe Ashtray Air Purifier are guaranteed on a long-lasting filtration and cleaning fan longevity. In terms of performance, the Ashtray Air Purifier can remove upto 99% cigarette smoke and odor. Press the button to switch on the disinfection mode; realize added benefits such as the removal of ultrafine material and bacteria.

Designed for the convenience of our customers, the Hydrovybe Ashtray Air Purifier is compact and portable, working silently without any disturbance.


Product Information

Production Name
Ashtray air purifier
5V 2A
Panel ceramic, body ABS
Filter Size
Filter Working Time
Filter Material
Silver ion / activated carbon
Production Size
Negative ion concentration
1500 W/CM2


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