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What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water or popularly known as hydrogen-rich water is regular water turned into hydrogen water by infusing hydrogen gas in it. Just like your cold drinks and beverages have dissolved CO2 in them; the hydrogen water has dissolved hydrogen gas in it. Hydrogen water has more antioxidants and is healthier than regular water.


Why Should I Replace Regular Water With Hydrogen Water?

Because of the medicinal properties; you should start consuming hydrogen water daily.

Infusing hydrogen in water add powerful antioxidant and makes it more suitable for your body. The added antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and can actively fight against them. Some other health benefits of drinking hydrogen water are:

  • Boost immunity and metabolism
  • Anti-aging
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Cures allergies
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Fights insomnia & depression
  • Improves energy level & concentration


Hydrogen is the tiniest element in the universe; it gets easily absorbed by the body with water. Thus it can penetrate all minor and inner parts of the body where other antioxidants cannot reach.


How Can I Get Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water generators/machines are the magical things that can produce hydrogen-rich water for you. These machines operate on the mechanism of "Electrolysis" that breaks the water molecular of H2O into Hydrogen; H2 Molecules and O; Oxygen molecule and infuse large quantities of H2 (molecular hydrogen) into the water.

PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) type of hydrogen water generators is considered as best for producing safe hydrogen-rich drinking water. There is various hydrogen water product available in the market, such as hydrogen water bottles, hydrogen generators (multiple sizes) and hydrogen water sprayer, etc.


Won't Adding More Hydrogen In Water Make It Acidic?

Yes, it will but only if the that is positive hydrogen ions (H+). When we talk about adding hydrogen in water; here we meant neutral hydrogen gas (H2).

It may confuse anyone, as whenever usually some talk about hydrogen; it is acidic. The neutral hydrogen gas is water-soluble and has no adverse effect on health; instead, it increases body strength.


Who Can Drink Hydrogen Water? How Safe Is It?

Hydrogen water is safe for everyone despite your age, gender, and health conditions. Anyone can start drinking hydrogen water at any point of time in their life. Be it babies, teenagers, adults, or oldies; anyone can drink hydrogen water.

Even your pets can drink hydrogen water. In Korea & Japan, you can get individual hydrogen water packets for pets.


How About Using Hydrogen Water For Cooking?

Good idea, but of NO USE, boiling hydrogen water will make hydrogen evaporate, and it becomes regular water again. You won't get any benefits of hydrogen when boil or heat it while cooking.

It is recommended to drink hydrogen water as is it and freshly produced.

Though it can retain the hydrogen values up to 14 hrs (if stored in a unique glass bottle without having any air chamber)


Does Hydro-Rich Water Actually Boost Our Energy?

Yes, it does. Understand the logic behind it; When the level of oxidation is high in our body; it works slow and refuses to process food into energy. If the body continues doing so, this will further increase the oxidation level in our body.

The antioxidant charge that you get from the hydrogen-rich water helps the body in adjusting and maintaining the oxidation level.

In addition to this, the hydrogen molecular antioxidants enable food to be converted into energy. (Otherwise, it would have stored on the body as fat.)


How Much Hydrogen-water Is Recommended To Drink?

It is recommended to intake somewhat between -3 liters of hydrogen-rich water every day. Daily water intake is anywhere between one and three liters. Although any quantity more than one glass per day will be beneficial in some way. To get real benefits of hydrogen-rich water, you should be regular in consuming the same. The moment you decide to switch to hydrogen-rich water, you should completely replace the intake of regular water.

Rest depends upon the human body; everybody has its mechanism of digesting and reacting to various elements. Even if you intake more hydrogen, your body will exhale it, and it will not harm you anyway.


Is Consuming More Hydrogen Safe For The Human Body?

Yes. Referring to scientific and medical facts; Hydrogen gas is very much safe to be consumed by the human body. The scientists have researched and published various articles and papers proving the effectiveness and safety of using hydrogen gas in/on the human body.

The hydrogen gas, when infused in the human body under various experiments, showed no irritation or any toxic effects on the most sensitive body tissues even at high levels and pressures of 98.87% H2 and 1.26% O2 at 19.1 atm.

In a nutshell, hydrogen gas is very much natural to our bodies, ( as the body produce lots of hydrogen gas after eating fiber-rich food and fruits) Our body is well acquainted with this gas; it's not any foreign substance for the human body.


Is it Okay to Intake Hydrogen Inhalation?

Of course, it is, Unlike excessive oxygen, the excessive hydrogen intake in the body won't adversely affect your body. You can simultaneously drink hydro-rich water and intake hydro inhalations. By no means, the hydrogen gets accumulated in the body. Any extra hydrogen in the body will be discharged by your body while breathing out, urination or sweating.


Does Hydro-rich Water Expire?

As such, there is no expiry date concept when it comes to hydrogen-rich water concept. However, if left for long after charging the water may lose the hydrogen molecules.

It is recommended to consume the charged water within the next half an hour. In special sealed glass bottles the hydro water can be stored as long as for 14 hours ( filled till the neck and no sir space left in the bottle)

To charge your water as hydrogen water anytime; the portable hydrogen water bottle concept is the perfect solution. You can easily carry these bottles with you. Once charged, it could run for the entire day. However, if you need to charge it, even that is easy. A USB charging cable comes with such bottles so that you can charge these from your laptops also.