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Brutal Truth of Hydrogen Water | No Biased Information

Hydrogen water is considered good but have you ever given a thought on what are the possible side-effects of this beverage?

No doubt, hydrogen water is a gas dissolved in water. But, it’s not the same as plain water or alkaline water that you get at every shop or tap. The reason, we wanted you to be aware of hydrogen side-effects besides grasping the benefits is its GROWING POPULARITY with no proven claim. And, you can imagine the growing trend of hydrogen water with its popularity among celebrities. In fact, Japan practically bathes in most of the stuff made of hydrogen.

But what‘s the actual truth? Is hydrogen water really good for the body? 

Most importantly, what is the side effects of hydrogen water?

To get an answer for each of the raised questions, you must keep reading till the end!

The Reality of Hydrogen Water

Many scientific experiments have proved that the human genetic makeup is closely related to mice, but you still cannot call them identical. As there are many differences! And of course even as people none of us have same DNA. Similarly, the recommended dosage of hydrogen water has no federal regulation and no one gives a valid claim for it.

In fact, no one knows how much the hydrogen water actually means for the health.

But the good news is- you can try drinking the water as it doesn’t hurt you. Even the FDA says that hydrogen water is widely recognized as safe (“GRAS”).

So, if you want to try out this drink, go for it but only along with H2O consumption.

Hydrogen Water Side Effects

Tap water contains many heavy metals, hormones, fluorides, and drug residues. And, this is the major reason- why many out there are trying for water purification to solve the issue. No doubt, you get ample benefits from converting filtered water into alkaline or hydrogen water. Still, one cannot ignore the following side-effects delivered by hydrogen water:

#Effect 1: Hydrogen Water Is Full Of Potent Antioxidants

Experiments on mice show that water rich-hydrogen has many powerful antioxidant properties; as this can combat oxidation in damaged cells of the body! Moreover, it can repair cells that have already been damaged by it. 

Besides this, oxidative damage is one of the major causes of health problems. This also includes dementia, cancer, premature aging, and other neurological disorders.

Additionally, damaged cells can never function as needed. This means, no one with a huge oxidative damage amount can have mental clarity, energy, and good health.

#Effect 2: Hydrogen Water Attacks Inflammation

Researchers also found that drinking water rich in hydrogen molecules can actually increase inflammation.  And, this was claimed after a detailed study on mice that received it before the onset of the disease.

Other scientists found that it could give you respite from all types of inflammatory diseases of pneumonia and liver. Some people also say that hydrogen water is useful for asthmatics. Another team of researchers tested hydrogen and found that it produces considerable relief.

On the contrary, one more bunch of experts found that hydrogen water can actually slow down the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and alleviate some of its symptoms.

Hydrogen Water Side Effects – My Conclusion

In a nutshell, water rich in hydrogen can no doubt help improve the quality of life but it can also reduce the biological response to oxidative stress, which can turn out to be fatal later. However, if you still want to start with hydrogen water intake- it’s better to consult your doctor or take experts’ advice.













What makes Hydrogen Water Better than the Normal Drink? | Only Health Benefits

Hydrogen water has become a buzz term these days due to its growing health benefits. The change in the composition of this molecular structure is what makes it different from a standard tap water. And, to get this unique H2 structure in water, ionizer is added to standard drink. This reacts in water through electrolysis and delivers the below stated never-ending and most promising benefits:

Great for Thirst

If you drink hydrogen water regularly, nothing can replace it as it is the easiest form of increasing hydrogen intake in body. The intake of hydrogen in the form of water actually increases the hydration level is far more than the plain water that you drink via tap or bottle. Put in another way, hydrogen water is 6 times more effective than standard water, especially- if it is about calming thirst.

Remove Impurities

Hydrogen is the lightest element in the periodic table that makes it easy to travel through the bloodstream and penetrate via any part of the body. This is the major property of hydrogen that actually improves the quality of cells and organs in a human body.

Blood Pressure

Hydrogen water also improves the overall performance of the body by controlling the blood pressure. Moreover, it makes your body hydrated and reduces the chances of problems like Hypertension (which is also a significant cause of dehydration).

Anti-aging Properties

When you intake hydrogen water as prescribed, it suppresses the reactive oxygen species and thus, benefits the body’s anti-aging properties. In other words, hydrogen water actually slows down the development of dead cells or wrinkles, especially on the FACE.

Muscles and Joints

Hydrogen water is also considered boon for its ability to lubricate the joints and muscles. It is particularly useful for people who are suffering from swollen joints or painful muscles. Many doctors, in fact, recommend drinking this water at first stage of arthritis.

Improved Absorption

Drinking hydrogen water increases body’s capability to absorb daily supplements. For instance, the body gets more efficient in absorbing food-based nutrients compared to standard water that more than 70% of people are still drinking worldwide.

Brain Function

Hydrogen water claims that it can fight back neuro-degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's to some extent. Moreover, people who intake this water believe that their brain is able to function completely as intended. 

In fact, if you drink daily 8 glasses of hydrogen water then, you will experience that your brain is working at optimum level with increased alertness, improved focus, improved memory, and reduced confusion.

Hydrates the Skin

This water naturally hydrates the skin and prevents the sagging and flaking of outer skin. In other words, if you want the best quality skin then, a regular intake of water is essential. Hydrogen water is believed to maintain the fresh/ healthy-looking skin and has proved to be the most effective option to hydrate the body.

Removes Inflammation

People with acidic issue should drink hydrogen water on daily basis as; it neutralizes the acid-forming inside body. Many researchers seeing this property f H2 water also consider it as one of the best preventative measure for ulcer.

Eliminates Gum Problem

If your gums bleed or have pain then, drinking hydrogen water alongside medication can help improve the teeth and gum condition quickly. 

Overall, a proper intake of hydrogen water means a person’s body and heart does not need to work too hard that it leads to some critical health condition or affect one’s complete well-being.

Definitive Guide - Benefits Of Hydrogen Water By HydroVybe

Definitive Guide - Benefits Of Hydrogen Water By HydroVybe


Water is the one of the essential parts of our diet helps keeping us hydrated and well as maintain our body temperature. However, drinking water and that too at the right time, when our body needs, is one of the most ignored aspect of our busy lives. Moreover, we are often advised to drink eight glasses of water every day. While drinking plain water can be refreshing, scientific studies have found that simple water can be upgraded to provide as much health benefits as possible. One of these discoveries is the hydrogen water.

The very best, healthiest water you can drink is hydrogen rich water. Now, you may ask what exactly Hydrogen water is. Well, Hydrogen water is water which has extra Hydrogen infused into it. Hydrogen water doesn’t look or taste any different from normal drinking water, but it’s a much healthier option because of the numerous benefits of the added hydrogen. 


Every single second, whenever our cells use oxygen, they also generate free radicals. Free radicals are the main reasons for aging and many diseases. Antioxidants are needed by our body to get rid of these free radicals, to stop them from causing damage in the body and keep the immune system strong and healthy. Hydrogen is advised by the healthcare community across the world as a safer antioxidant which reduces levels of toxic reactive-oxygen species (ROS), helping the body detox itself.

Regular water doesn't have antioxidant benefits, and therefore does nothing to fight free radicals. Hydrogen water, on the other hand with its antioxidant benefits, fights free radicals better than any other antioxidant. It literally transforms regular water into a healthier drink. Hundreds of research studies show that a wide range of diseases caused by free radical damage can be eliminated by consuming molecular hydrogen antioxidants.


Hydrogen water is not usually available as a ready-made product because the antioxidants in hydrogen infused water are so small that they are not retained beyond a few hours. The best way to consume hydrogen infused water is to make it yourself, freshly throughout the day and as per your requirements. The infusion process is done by using a Hydrogen Water Bottle which infuses molecular hydrogen into the water to transform ordinary drinking water into Hydrogen Water. Hydrogen Water Generator ionizes the water using a ionization process to pump hydrogen directly into water.


Hydro Vibe has brought to the market one world’s best portable hydrogen rich water bottle to encourage healthier living on-the-go. We bring you a BPA-free, leak proof, portable water bottle with a compact design, which is very aesthetic and produces Hydrogen rich water using the 3rd generation SPE/PEM electrolysis technology. It only takes 3 minutes to produce hydrogen rich water which can be consumed directly. Powered by USB charging through a charger, computer or mobile power pack, it is very convenient both at home or especially when you are traveling and need it on-the-go. Pour the water into this water bottle and power up the alkaline cleaning process with USB charging - you now have access to healthy water anytime, anywhere, within 3 minutes.


 Hydro Vibe Hydrogen Water Infusion Bottle works with the next generation SPE/PEM electrolysis technology. This means it has Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolysis, which is the electrolysis of water with a solid polymer electrolyte (SPE) that is responsible for the conduction of protons, separation of product gases, and electrical insulation of the electrodes. In this electrolysis, water reacts at the anode to form oxygen and positively charged hydrogen ions (protons). The electrons flow through an external circuit and the hydrogen ions selectively move across the PEM to the cathode.

By following the Solid Poly Electrolytic technology (SPE) or Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technique pure and safe hydrogen-rich water is produced. SPE/PEM will create pure hydrogen rich water without any residual chlorine or ozone in the water. But the catch here is that the device must be designed properly with the SPE/PEM membrane to ensure a clean drinking water is created.


There is no dearth of hydrogen water bottles in the market that claim they have SPE/PEM membrane, which is partially true. However, the point of having SPE/PEM technology is to generate better hydrogen rich water without substances like chlorine or ozone residue. Hence it becomes very important that the hydrogen infusing device has a true waste gas release valve designed on it.

Without the true waste gas release valve, the chlorine and ozone gases will be flushed back into the drinking water leaving a chlorine or ozone smell in your drinking water. This can lead to the exact opposite of what we want and create in the infused health risks in the water which will only turn out to be the opposite of what we want. Every single part of the HydroVibe Hydrogen Water Bottle has been designed and incorporated to ensure that you get only the best quality of hydrogen rich water, by completely removing any harmful substances like chlorine or ozone gases that remain during electrolysis. SPE/PEM technology gives highest hydrogen concentration and using SPE/PEM will infuse the water with hydrogen in the quickest possible way. In a matter of a few minutes your water will be enriched millions of particles of hydrogen.

If you are using any other technology to generate hydrogen-rich water, it is strongly advised to stop using it right away as it may be harming your body in ways that you may not understand. With these outdated hydrogen infusion technology the water may end up containing ozone, chlorine and other oxides, which is not recommend for drinking. Therefore, it is best to use a product with PEM/SPE technology which uses the proton exchange membrane, which is the best method to make hydrogen-rich water.

Get your hands on a Hydro Vibe Hydrogen Generator Water Bottle and start enjoying safe, pure, hydrogenated drinking water anywhere and anytime !


Though it is common knowledge that water contains hydrogen and oxygen. In plain water, the hydrogen is bound to oxygen molecules and our body is not equipped to effectively absorb it. By using the latest technology, HydroVibe hydrogen generator water bottle infuses hydrogen gas into drinking water.

Among all existing gases, Hydrogen has the smallest existing molecule. This property of hydrogen enables molecular hydrogen could penetrate into virtually every organ and cell in the body which includes our brain) where it may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, weight-loss, and anti-allergy activity. Therefore, hydrogen infused water seems like the perfect therapeutic the world has been eagerly searching for – with very few known side effects and such wide-ranging action

Researchers have been able to identify promising results. Some of the know benefits of hydrogen water are:

  • Reduces cellular aging
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Increases energy level
  • Excellent antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Protects organs
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Improves a wide variety of diseases
  • Non-toxic even at high concentrations
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