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Hydrovybe - Hydrogen Water Bottle: Con, Concept, or Concrete?

Hydrovybe - Hydrogen Water Bottle: Con, Concept, or Concrete?

Our vision with Hydrovybe

We started Hydrovybe in 2017. We wanted to bring hydrogenated water to the people who really needed it, the mass of people moving to and returning from work, and also the fitness enthusiast. We believed that hydrogenated water could help people from all walks of life. Because people from all walks of life must use it, we also made it affordable. Because people wanted a no-compromise product when it comes to health, we made sure only the latest technology and high-quality materials were used in its manufacture. We were guided by a concept, but we took it to completion in as little time as possible and most importantly, made it accessible to everyone.

vision with Hydrovybe

Hydrogen water is not an all-embracing panacea but it is also not a con

Hydrogen water is not a cure-all, but it is genuinely good for you. In a study conducted in Japan, it was discovered that administering molecular hydrogen in water helps to reduce the pain sensitivity in those experiencing neuropathic pain. Since neuropathic pain is still largely intractable, the scientists advised that drinking hydrogen water could be a potential means of managing the pain effectively.

Another study was focused on those who developed neurodegenerative problems after a traumatic brain injury. In these cases, it was observed that an administration of molecular hydrogen in water helped to reduce the risk of acquiring a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, following a brain injury.

Other benefits of hydrogenated water

Atopic dermatitis is an illness that affects 10 to 20% of infants and children, but it can extend into adulthood. A study proved that hydrogen water is effective against atopic dermatitis, which was induced in mice. It was also observed that the use of hydrogen saline injection in combination with molecular hydrogen and hyperoxia was an effective treatment method for sepsis. Sepsis occurs when chemicals produced by the body to fight infection become a major cause of inflammation throughout the body. Sepsis is very common and a major cause of death in intensive care units.

How hydrogenated water becomes beneficial

Hydrogen gas can be administered in various ways. Some of them are hydrogen saline injection, inhaling hydrogen gas, and also drinking hydrogen-rich water. Of these methods, the drinking of hydrogen rich water has been proven to be the most effective way of using hydrogen for therapeutic care. But what exactly does hydrogen do in the body?

Just as a red apple that is exposed to the air becomes brown after a period, similarly the body can also come under oxidative stress when the free radicals generated by biological processes are not neutralized. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause oxidative damage to cells. This happens because they are electron deficient and have a tendency to steal the electron from cellular structures, thereby leading to cellular damage. Oxidative stress can lead to several illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, obesity, skin problems etc.Hydrogen acts as an antioxidant in the body and neutralizes the free radicals.

hydrogenated water beneficial

No con, more than just a concept, and most importantly a concrete cure

Hydrogen-rich water is not a con. Its therapeutic benefits are proven by science. It is also now more than just a concept. The Hydrovybe is a finished product manufactured with only the best of materials and the latest in technology. In many ways, and to many people who suffer from the conditions mentioned in this article, it becomes a very concrete cure indeed.