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How Hydrogen Water Bottles Work

How Hydrogen Water Bottles Work

On hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe

The molecular form of Hydrogen is H2. Hydrogen, though the most common element in the universe, and the life of the stars in the galaxies of this universe, is rare in its molecular gaseous form on the Earth. Hydrogen is, however, a vital component of the most abundant compound on the Earth—water. Hydrogen is generally useful as an industrial fuel and in laboratory testing. That’s the main reason why most people would want it. But can hydrogen be useful in another way?

Why bottled and stored hydrogen water may not help

Hydrogen rich water

Hydrogen rich water is not a fad. It has been around for a very long time in Japan and its benefits are proven. Hydrogen water generators used to be huge in the past and so their main purpose as to create volumes of hydrogenated drinking water, which could then be bottled and sold. However, Hydrogen has a tendency to diffuse through plastic and even glass. This means that if the bottled water is not consumed immediately, very little hydrogen gas will remain in it.

The process of electrolysis in laboratories

Since water is so common, hydrogen is obtained in the laboratory from the electrolysis of water. For the electrolysis of water, generally in the past, there would have been sophisticated large equipment for it. To understand how a hydrogen water bottle works, we must first understand how a traditional hydrogen gas generator works. The process of electrolysis requires a cathode and an anode separated by a PEM membrane. The cathode-anode combination will help separate the hydrogen and the oxygen ions in water. Hydrogen rich water will be obtained at the cathode. This water can then be removed from the machine.

Electrolysis in a bottle

Now, with miniaturization becoming popular and because of the health benefits people generally derive from hydrogenated water, electrolysis has moved from large equipment to within a bottle! We did not invent the hydrogen water generator but we jumped at the thought of how beneficial it would be to people. People can also consume it immediately and not have to deal with the problem of hydrogen diffusion. A portable hydrogen gas generator contained in a bottle works in a similar manner. It too has a cathode, an anode, and a PEM membrane just like traditional electrolysis machines.

Most significant advantage of the hydrogen water bottle

The hydrogen water bottle therefore is the little brother of the modern hydrogen water generator, the thing from the future that has become a blessing in the present. Since both of them operate on the same principle, it is possible to obtain a certain amount of hydrogen gas of a specific purity by using this process. In other words, the percentage of hydrogen is controlled with incredible accuracy and the gas obtained is of the highest purity.

advantage of the hydrogen water bottle

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