Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Bottle

Lead a healthier life with Hydrogen rich water | Stay young forever


Hydrovybe Water Generator Mini

A small device that makes great changes, 500 ml Hydrogen rich water in 8 minutes


Figo 5 Air Purifiers

Cleans 100% indoor air pollutants | Captures harmful allergens


Our Philosophy

By now, you are probably well aware about the impact of pollution on the environment and human health. While there is momentum for nations to counter the existential crisis around pollution, opting to stay healthy, young and energetic is a good first step to a better tomorrow.

Hydrovybe wants to make the world healthier and energetic. To make this a reality, we are constantly pushing the boundaries to innovate products that improve people’s lives. This includes hydrogen rich water bottles, hydrogen water generators, air purifiers, etc. All our products are designed to suit your lifestyle, made up of certified material and advanced technology.

Why drink from Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Bottle?

Hydrogen is a novel antioxidant that selectively reduces the toxic levels in your body by decreasing the amount of reactive-oxygen species. Drinking hydrogen-rich water, in turn, helps reduce oxidative stress, neutralizing the harmful free radicals to the hilt.

Keep your plastic water bottles out of sight and out of mind - a compact, trendy Hydrogen water bottle is what you should be using. The Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Bottle comes with the latest electrolysis technology that produces healthy water with hydrogen concentrations of up to 1400 ppb (parts per billion); something that will boost your immunity, act as an anti-aging, reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep.

Remember, an average human’s lifespan today is around 75 years. Why not grow stress-free, healthy, and energetic?

Featured Products

  • Hydrogen rich water bottle

    The hydrogen water bottle is an ergonomically designed compact and elegant product made up of food grade BPA free safe materials. It comes with the latest 3rd generation Japanese SPE technology that produces the highest concentration of hydrogen achieved among available water bottles.

    Amazing Product Specifications

    1. Lightweight Water Bottle 750gr

    2. USB Chargeable Battery -3.7V/300mAh

    3. Stylish and durable - Made up of Zinc alloy & food grade plastic body.

  • Figo 5 Air Purifier

    Unliike other traditional HEPA air purifiers, Figo5 produces anion which can neutralize and precipitate the positively charged air to purify it. No need to change HEPA filter from now on.


    With advanced air purification technology, Figo5 air purifier makes your home, car and office a pollution-free, healthy place. It purifies the indoor air by removing particulate matter, allergies, smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, odor, germs, mold, bacteria and VOCs with 100% accuracy.

    For the convenience of our users, Figo5 air purifier comes with a compact design that can be mounted on tables or attached to objects.

    CARB, FDA, ETL & FCC approved

  • Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer

    Here’s the artifact you’ve been looking for. No more hustling for side effects free beauty products. The Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe hydrates, moisturizes and soothes your skin. Hydrogen molecules seep into your skin to reduce toxic levels and reactive-oxygen species instantly.

    Developed on the advanced Japanese SPE Filter technology, the Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer by Hydrovybe moistens the skin and tightens the pores for an elegant, beautiful you. The spray head of the Hydrogen Water Sprayer is carefully designed to apply a strong force of hydrogen water on a broad surface area of your body for effective use of resources.

    Our customers are reviewing strong penetrability, compact design and amazing battery longevity among other features of the Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Mist Sprayer.

  • Ashtray Air Purifier

    The USB rechargeable Smoke Free Ashtray Air Purifier by Hydrovybe is more than a normal ashtray. It’s a purifier. With an ingenious design, the ashtray air purifier sucks smoke into the ashtray and filters it, thereby reducing second hand smoke inhalation.

    With a built-in filter system for developed for long-lasting performance, the Ashtray Air Purifier can be used in your home, office, restaurant and bars, kitchen, and cars or vehicles. A large vortex turbine suction system helps eliminate both cigarette odor and its effect, eventually cleaning the air around you.

    Amazing Product Specifications

    1. Speed purification and easy operation

    2. High performance filter to wipe out 100% smoke pollutants

    3. Sophisticated design with a USB rechargeable unit

Product Features

We are constantly thinking about how we can make the world healthier through personalized experiences. The design of our products consider environmental priorities; one that’s best for the whole world.

Hydrovybe Hydrogen Water Bottle
  • Portable and Compact

    Lightweight, slim and elegant products that easily sync with your lifestyle

  • USB Charging

    USB rechargeable battery for the convenience of anytime, anywhere use

  • Rich Hydrogen Content

    It produces healthy water with hydrogen concentrations of up to 1400 ppb (parts per billion)

  • Unbreakable Body

    Made up of Zinc alloy & food grade plastic body. Healthy and durable.

Why Hydrovybe?

Hydrovybe is a household name. Today, thousands of people from across the globe are using our products.
Certified Products

Hydrovybe products are tested to the highest standards such as SGS-CSTC and FDA. Most of our products are based on the next generation technologies and globally accepted quality norms.

Secured Payment

You can make payment via MasterCard, Visa card, PayPal etc. We do not store any of your information and is processed through 3D secure gateway.

30 Days Refund Policy

We back our quality commitment by providing a 30 day money back guarantee policy. Terms and conditions applied to all orders on the portal.


Hydrovybe H2 generator for myself and was very impressed with the quality of workmanship of the unit and the level of generation of H2 which was always within the quoted specs.

Read a bit about hydrogen generating bottles before purchasing this one. I was not completely sold on health benefits advertised at first, but after using this device for six weeks now, I definitely feel better. Great product Hydrovybe!!